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Why TISS is the biggest opportunity for your career

We really hope and root for every student to have a bright future and strong career. For this we have written this blog on how TISS can be the biggest opportunity for your career. By the end of the blog you’ll probably be convinced enough about it. 

TISS Selection Workshop

TISS : A wonderful opportunity!

The top institution in the world for social sciences is TISS. Only a few institutions have truly contested IIM's dominance over the years. Tata Institute of Social Sciences is the only institution deserving of the distinction. To increase their chances of success, all students should apply to TISS, and that too in AT LEAST 4 programs. If three candidates are chosen from Mumbai and one from the other three campuses, the odds will be even better. For pupils who struggle with math and English use, this is a fantastic chance. Questions on social sensitivity, knowledge of current events, analytical ability, and logical reasoning will be included in the objective test. GK WILL ACQUIRE THE JUDGING ROLE.

TISS has established itself as the top institution for HR management education. Many institutions may disagree with this assertion, but they all know that TISS is without a doubt the best program for MBA-HR and social studies. A just and equitable society is a topic that is frequently discussed. Unless organizations like TISS create a knowledge basis of proof through demonstration and theoretical advancement, these will remain mere words.

TISS : Social science pioneer

In the truest sense, TISS is the global cradle, forerunner, and torchbearer of the revolution for social regeneration. Clifford Manshardt, an American missionary who pioneered various urban community programs close to Nagpada in Bombay in the 1920s, founded the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in 1936. Dorabji Tata, Jamsetji Tata's philanthropic son, supported Manshardt's activities. The institute, then known as the Dorabji Tata Graduate School of Social Work, was first located on the grounds of the Nagpada Neighborhood House, and Mr. Manshardt served as its first director. The institution's name was changed to the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in 1944. The University Grants Commission designated it as a deemed university in 1964. Twenty students made up TISS's initial class; today, there are more over 1,500. Currently, TISS offers graduate and doctoral degrees in 12 distinct social science fields. It has 140 teachers and more than 1,500 students. Last year, TISS celebrated its silver anniversary. The TISS is creating a State Resource Network on Micro-Planning with assistance from UNICEF to help individuals.

TISS: A Globally Recognized Name

TISS is recognized by the WHO and received an A grade from NAAC in November 2009 and a 5-Star rating from NAAC in 2002, both of which denote a "High Level" of academic achievement. The University Grants Commission designated it as a deemed university in 1964.The Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria's primary recipient in India is TISS.The TISS has collaborated with renowned universities in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America on cooperative research projects, faculty and student exchanges, and publications. Overall, TISS is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a great place to live, learn, and study. The TATA Group established and runs the institute, as its name suggests. Regarding partnerships abroad, TISS has ties to the London School of Economics and the University of South Carolina in the United States. This UGC certified university is known for offering exceptional employment services, with IBM and Lehman Brothers being its top recruiters. It was the first institution of its kind to offer social work training in India.

Wonderful Infrastructure 

TISS's campuses span a large number of acres, and no other institution in our nation even comes close to matching them in terms of campus size. TISS is equipped with first-rate resources for the overall development of everyone who enters its doors. The atmosphere at TISS itself fosters a professional mindset. The Institute is properly furnished, and the library has enough of materials for research. All of the campuses are very attractive and are covered in trees and other types of vegetation. The Mumbai University's historic campus is attractive and lush. At every school, the infrastructure is of the highest caliber.

Excellent educational environment

Simply understanding TISS is a tremendous learning. The TISS experience is mind-blowing; it provides inner strength and a global stage to showcase talent. TISS has top-notch instructors that provide individualized care. TISS has the potential to lead knowledge in this region of the world and for India. The TISS faculty and fraternity members have participated in numerous crisis management initiatives all over the world. Many of them currently lead or previously led numerous proactive and reactive efforts to protect society and handle crises. In keeping with the old Tata history, TISS places a strong focus on education, which is evident in its pedagogy. The course is structured such that students spend a significant amount of time performing volunteer work. Excellent instructors that desire to support society make up the faculty as well. Teaching is most effective when it is done by organizations or individuals who teach what they do! Any time there was talk of a crisis in India, the fraternity of faculty and students at TISS stepped in to help. TISS is one of the premier institutions for generating a workforce that would help make India an independent, just, and equitable socioeconomic unit in the world. TISS is a pillar of relevance that clarifies and illuminates the path social development in India takes. TISS has continually reimagined itself in order to safeguard, uphold, and channel the rights and dignity of every individual.

TISS is without a doubt the world's best in terms of value.

TISS offers the greatest education and the lowest tuition fees in the world. The cost of various postgraduate programs at TISS ranges from Rs 50000 to Rs 100000 for two years. The TISS fee structure is a strong indicator of the institution's lofty and devout commitment to serve human fraternity.

The job market: TISS

TISS has never made a big deal out of placement rates. The corporate elite occasionally visit the college and hire students with top pay. Students are recruited for the HR divisions of major international corporations like PwC, E&Y, P&G, Wipro, Microsoft, Deloitte, Novartis, etc. Numerous NGOs frequently stop by the university to recruit students. Although the pay may not exactly be excellent, many people report having a great deal of job satisfaction. The TISS summer placement process is quite admirable. Several significant international companies, like PwC, E&Y, Johnson & Johnson, Marico, JMPC, Microsoft, Wipro, etc., hire students for their human resources departments. The job market at TISS is vibrant and diverse. A consultant for Action Aid may earn anything over Rs 1,000,000 per month in remuneration, yet some may only get Rs 20,000. The financing and policy organizations have a monopoly on the market. Drug addicts, orphaned youngsters, and those with disabilities can all find rehabilitation facilities. A sizable portion of the population now needs counseling, both psychological and educational. Opportunities exist in the fields of cultural, adoption, environmental protection, and community policing, among others. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and institutions that offer services to all facets of society make up the social sector. Many people work in the fields of research and publishing, while others are active in community problem-solving. A young person with high ideals who wants to make a difference for the nation may be drawn to the social sector as a result. Fortunately, it is becoming increasingly professionalized and is no longer just a pastime for the idle.With the enormous infusion of funding from the government and outside organizations, salaries have been skyrocketing. There is a wonderful sense of fulfillment that comes from helping others that is unmatched or compensated by any job that pays well. Even those with full-time jobs desire to engage in volunteer activity in their leisure time. Working for others or providing assistance to others who may not have the same privileges as we do might be considered a noble act. The range of social work is extremely broad. People who can aid the underprivileged sections of society are desperately needed.

As a result, a career at TISS is always secure. Social sciences will always play a larger and more important role in society.  One profession where job chances vary depending on the specialization a social worker has selected is social work. Medical aid and psychiatric social work specialists might find employment at hospitals, clinics, counseling facilities, mental hospitals, nursing homes, and other similar establishments. Specialists A career in jails, correctional facilities, and other similar institutions is an option for SW professionals with a specialty in criminology. People with expertise in the labor welfare sector can work as labor welfare representatives in the private and corporate sectors, including MNCs and HR departments of various labor-centric companies. Additionally, there are employment chances with NGOs dedicated to advancing society. Professionals in this industry also have the option of entering academia and instructing large audiences on the topic. Last but not least, leading international organizations like WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF, and others with objectives akin to those aimed at poor countries need social workers for their projects and campaigns. These businesses also offer competitive pays. 

TISS Placements 2023 Report

Placements Statistics (2021-23)
Placements Statistics (2020-22)
Number of Recruiters
Number of New Recruiters
Number of PPOs
Number of Students
Highest Package
INR 42.09 LPA
Average Package
INR 27.22 LPA
INR 23.97 LPA
Median Package
INR 25.75 LPA
INR 22.5 LPA
Top 10% Average Package
INR 39.29 LPA
INR 37.22 LPA
Top 25% Average Package
INR 35.45 LPA
INR 32.21 LPA
Top Recruiters
Accenture, Aditya Birla Group, Asian Paints, ITC, Flipkart, HUL, Marico
Accenture, Adani, Deloitte, HDFC Bank, Flipkart, Ola, Piramal, Marico, TCS

The below table shows the top Management Colleges Placement comparison:

College Name
Highest Package
Average Package
Median Package
Number of Recruiters
INR 32.7 LPA
INR 85.4 LPA
INR 29.1 LPA
INR 26.5 LPA
INR 67.80 LPA
INR 26.63 LPA
INR 1.23 CPA
INR 34.1 LPA

TISS Mumbai Placements Year - Wise Trends

Placement Year
Highest Package
INR 42.09 LPA
INR 29.32 LPA
INR 32.79 LPA
Average Package
INR 23.97 LPA
INR 19.62 LPA
INR 26.5 LPA
Median Package
INR 22.5 LPA
INR 18.89 LPA
INR 20.25 LPA

TISS Placements 2023 Top Recruiters

Table Image
Table Image
Table Image
Table Image
Table Image
Table Image
Table Image
Table Image
Table Image
Table Image
Table Image
Table Image
Table Image
Table Image
Table Image
Placement Recruiters

TISS Summer Internship Placements 2024 Report

Internship Statistics (2022-24)
Internship Statistics (2021-23)
Number of Recruiters
Number of New Recruiters
Number of Students
Highest Stipend
INR 4 Lakhs
INR 3.30 Lakhs
Average Stipend
INR 2.62 Lakhs
INR 2.35 Lakhs
Median Stipend
INR 3 Lakhs
INR 2.40 Lakhs
Top 10% Average Stipend
INR 3.45 Lakhs
Top 25% Average Stipend
INR 3.2 Lakhs
INR 3.08 Lakhs
Top 50% Average Stipend
INR 3.1 Lakhs
Top Recruiters
Deloitte, Amazon, Nivea, Samsung, Wipro, Piramal, Flipkart, E&Y
Aditya Birla Group, Citi, HUL, ITC, Mahindra, Marico, Nestle, P&G, RPG

Great TISS alumni includes :

Any notable individual who contributed to the social resurgence of India's human fraternity is a TISS alum. Furthermore, TISS has produced several corporate world leaders.  

  • Uday Mohan – Head, HR, Pfizer
  • Mandip Maitra – Head, HR, HDFC
  • Adil Malia – President, HR, Essar Group
  • Suchismita Burman – Director, HR, AOL
  • Anu Aga, former Chairman, Thermax ,
  • Purnima Mane, President and CEO, Pathfinder International
  • Medha Patkar, social activist
  • Adil Malia , President HR , Essar Group
  • Allan Sequeira, Sr. VP , Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Alok Mehta, VP HR, AstraZeneca
  • Ashu Calappa, VP HR, First Source
  • Atul Sharma, VP HR, Goldman Sachs
  • Debashish Roy, HR Director Greater Asia Div at Colgate Palmolive.
  • Inder Walia, Group Director-Human Resources and Integration of Bharti Enterprises Ltd.
  • Makrand Khatavkar, Director & Head HR, Deutsche Bank
  • Mandip Maitra, Head HR, HDFC
  • Mohit Nagarth, Global Chief People Officer, P&G
  • Nalin Garg, VP HR, Coca cola
  • Pramod Sardarjoshi , Executive Director , IDBI Bank
  • Pranesh Anthapur, COO, Yahoo
  • Santrupt Mishra, CEO of the Aditya Birla Group’s Carbon Black Business Director HR, Aditya Birla Group
  • Shrihari Udupa, Chief People officer, PWC India
  • Suchismita Burman , Director HR , AOL
  • Suvamoy Roy Choudhary , Regional HR Director – South Asia , Reckitt Benckiser
  • Swadesh Behera , Director HR , MSD Pharmaceuticals ( an affiliate of Merck & Co.) ,Uday Mohan, Head HR, Pfizer 

TISS Alumni MAIN Network

Company Name
Number of Alumni
SBI Foundation
Quality Care Dialysis Pvt Ltd
Tata Group
Grant Thornton Bharat LLP

TISS: Does as well as it instructs!

Teaching of TISS

Teaching is most effective when it is done by organizations or individuals who teach what they do! When there was a crisis in India, TISS, a fraternity made up of faculty and students, sprung to action and rendered truly divine service. TISS ALWAYS STANDED FIRM AND TALL and emerged as true SANKATMOCHAK of the human fraternity, not only in M-WARD or Mumbai or Maharashtra or India but also all over the world. This was true regardless of farmers' suicides, manual scavengers, floods or riots, tsunamis, refugees from the partition, child issues, women's issues, domestic violence, etc. Amritsar refugees, the Andaman and Nicobar tsunami, Kabul University, sustained mountain development, government planning, WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS, and NGO's around the world all benefited from TISS' vital services. 

The TISS is acknowledged as a Collaborating Centre for Health, Policy Research and Training by the World Health Organization. TISS is also home to the UNAIDS Centre for Behavioral Research on HIV/AIDS. The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) has always extended a helping hand to those impacted by crises, both natural and man-made. A staff and student team from the Institute traveled to Kurukshetra in 1947 to assist Pakistani refugees. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who had seen the TISS team at work, remembered the job done and remarked the following in 1954 at the opening of Deonar Campus: We discovered the distinction between their job and that of many others who put in a sincere effort and did their best, but lacked the necessary training. There is a distinction between skilled workers and those who are only enthusiastic. Since then, the TISS has responded to numerous crises around the nation, including floods, riots, cyclones, earthquakes, and industrial disasters.  The Institute's work focuses on relief management, psychosocial support for women, children, and other vulnerable groups, assessment of loss and impact to lives, property, livelihoods, the environment, and infrastructure, rehabilitation and development needs, mobilization of human resources for relief and rehabilitation work, facilitation of community participation in the reconstruction and rehabilitation process, support for government policy and program development, and no-fault insurance policy and program development. The TISS has assisted in disaster relief efforts not just in Maharashtra but also in other regions of the nation. The academic schedule is appropriately changed to ensure both students and staff are present. To make sure that student tests and the academic schedule are not seriously disrupted, vacations are cut short and the entire Institute works longer hours in an effort to foster cooperation. Faculty and students contribute financially in part, and funders encourage this participation. The Institute has, for the most part, collaborated closely with district administrations and state governments. NGOs have recently tried to cooperate and have acknowledged the importance of the Institute and its volunteer teams.  The TISS has helped with disaster relief efforts across the country, not just in Maharashtra. To ensure that both students and staff are present, the academic timetable is appropriately altered. Vacations are shortened, and the entire Institute works longer hours in an effort to promote cooperation, to ensure that student assessments and the academic program are not substantially interrupted. Funders promote faculty and student participation and acknowledge their financial contributions. The majority of the time, the Institute has worked closely with state and district administrations. Recently, NGOs have made an effort to work together and have recognized the significance of the Institute and its volunteer teams.  TISS also continues to conduct important research in a variety of fields, including youth and human development, Dalit, indigenous, minority, and other underrepresented group rights, education and literacy, family and children, women's issues, HIV/AIDS, and issues related to rural and urban development. The TISS faculty and fraternity members have participated in numerous crisis management initiatives all over the world. Many of them currently lead or previously led numerous proactive and reactive efforts to protect society and handle crises. 

Top Programs Offered at TISS:

TISS Mumbai currently offers B.A., M.A, Ph.D. and short term programs in the following areas:

  • MA in Human resources management and labour relations
  • M.A. in Applied Psychology 
  • MA in developmental studies 
  • MA in social entrepreneurship 
  • MA in media and cultural studies 
  • MA in urban policy and governance 
  • M.A. in Social Work (Mental Health)
  • M.A. in Disaster Management 
  • M.A. in Social Work (Criminology & Justice) etc

Getting Into TISS

TISS conducts its own entrance tests to provide admission. There are separate entrance exams for each degree.

  • For B.A.: TISS Bachelor's Admission Test (TISS-BAT)
  • For M.A.: TISS National Entrance Test (TISS-NET)

You can attempt TISS mock tests with us by which you’ll be able to assess yourself better.

TISS Ranking

The top social work college in India for 2020–21 is TISS Mumbai, which is acknowledged to be a university. TISS has been ranked 60th in the category of "University" and 99th overall by NIRF 2022. TISS has received a ranking in the QS Asia University Rankings 2022 that falls between the 351-400 range globally. TISS Mumbai was ranked by World University Impact Ranking 2022 in the 401-600 Band on the global scale. Additionally, the premier institute has earned grade A NAAAC certification.

Who should consider TISS?

TISS is about people who have a heart to respond to these challenges and a brain to see prejudice, deprivation, degradation, and dejection around them. 

It is about those who desire to live honorable lives and pass on in a respectable manner. TISS seeks to mold and develop individuals who are committed to lifelong study for societal service. TISS intends to assist such socially active individuals in making use of their energy in a productive way. TISS is a fantastic platform for service to the community and the nation. Through training, teaching, and research, TISS' postgraduate education program benefits the nation and the human race by developing socially engaged individuals who support others in leading honorable lives. Every time a TISSIAN passes away, the human race will suffer greatly because of that person's wealth, which will remain intact even after death. TISS is a utopia for you if your ultimate professional dream is to pass away wealthy, with an accumulation of wealth that even death cannot destroy and that will carve out a niche in society. Additionally, bad types of social enthusiasts must constantly learn from nature. The most predictable aspect of society is that it is constantly evolving. The single thing that never changes in the human fraternity. A person must be constantly learning in order to understand and analyze these changes effectively. This learning mentality should be never-ending and ever-learning. Everyone who attends TISS is from a different socioeconomic background. The screening committee makes an effort to look for one characteristic shared by all candidates—an altruistic streak. The majority of students that enroll here have an innate drive to contribute to society (or are able to persuade the panel that they do).In the truest sense, TISS is the global cradle, forerunner, and torchbearer of the revolution for social regeneration. 

The Future World will be ruled by social science; a course offered by TISS

Hindu mythology contains a well-known instance of the Samudra Manthan procedure, the main goal of which was to separate AMRIT from MAHASAGAR. Both demons and gods participated in the endeavor. However, the extraction of AMRITA also included the extraction of poison, and if the poison and amrit had combined, the mission would have failed. At that time, Lord Mahadeva came to their aid and took on the duty of filtering the poison; the task was a huge success. Similar to humans, there are two different types of individuals in the world: gods (the fortunate ones) and demons (the despondent ones). There is a lot of frustration, a loss of morale, or exhaustion among discouraged or underprivileged sectors of society when human mankind attempts to increase human fraternity (of Amrit extraction); poison is also a predicted result.  Therefore, the need to rid society of this poison is urgent, everlasting, ubiquitous, and omnipotent. Social science is therefore necessary for the continued existence of human fraternity. In the modern world, social work has made a name for itself as a substantial, full-fledged profession on par with all others. Another global trend that is becoming blatantly obvious is how to save this result-oriented and materialistic society as the world is quickly becoming more materialistic, devoid of human sentiments and emotions, and with individuals becoming more and more self-centered. There is an urgent need for young people who desire to contribute to society's well-being. When it comes to the economy, the world is advancing quickly in terms of modernization, liberalization, and globalization, but the human aspect of these processes is being overlooked and is moving backwards. The human side of globalization has received little attention. Some claim that although globalization was predicted to result in a fundamental shift in human living standards and quality of life, all it has really done is increase interconnectedness. Humanity will not properly evolve on a consistent basis until a system to remove frustration, a lack of morale, or exhaustion from society is in place.

Life at TISS

One of the nation's most orderly institutions is TISS. Once you've finished your studies at TISS, you'll be able to handle any pressure or problem you may face in the future. The TISS curriculum prioritizes learning and leadership over grades. You will gain practical experience through real-world activities including group city tours and presentations of the events you observed.

In terms of variety, TISS, Mumbai is renowned for having a small batch size of only 60 students, putting you in contact with students from all over the nation who come from various socioeconomic, cultural, and educational backgrounds. This gradually enables you to have a broad viewpoint, empathize with kids who are different from you, and become sensitive to topics you were previously unaware of.

Recent achievements

The TISS has been able to continue influencing planning, policy and program design, stimulate critical rethinking, and create interventions that are centered on people because to the synergy between teaching, research, field work, and extension.

TISS is the primary recipient of funding from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria for a national effort to increase the expertise of higher education institutions in HIV/AIDS Counseling. The Saksham project, which conducts master training programs and aids in building infrastructure for 40 academic institutions across the nation to develop their capacities, will train and provide supportive supervision to 12,000 counselors working in the country's HIV/AIDS counseling program. The Saksham has received an A-1 grade from the Global Fund. 

The World Health Organization has approved TISS as a Collaborating Center for Health, Policy Research, and Training. TISS also houses the UNAIDS Centre for Behavioural Research on HIV/AIDS.

The Himalayan institutions Consortium was founded by the TISS and the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Kathmandu, to conduct teaching and research on mountain development and climate change at 25 institutions in the subcontinent, Afghanistan, and China. 

The TISS has joined a consortium with 12 universities from Europe and 8 from India. This consortium, which is headed by Lund University in Sweden, has been awarded a grant for academic exchange totaling 9.6 million euros under India Lot 15 of the Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window. To teach and do research at various universities in Europe, TISS faculty members and students will be awarded fellowships under the Grant. In addition, TISS will welcome researchers and students from European Universities.

With more than 25 universities and consortiums in Africa, Asia, the US, and Europe, the TISS has established cooperative research and student exchange programs. TISS has made significant progress.

Accomplishments by TISS

TISS has accomplished a number of things between 1936 and 2020:

  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences was ranked 32 among universities in India and 49 overall in 2018 by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF).
  • The UGC has identified the Institute as a Curriculum Development Center for Social Work Education.
  • The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) gave the Institute a 5-Star rating.
  • The Institute commemorates its Platinum Jubilee in 2011. The ambitious and ground-breaking M-Ward Project Transformation is launched. 

Since its inception, the TISS's mission has been to be an institution of excellence in higher education that continuously adapts to changing social realities through the development and application of knowledge in order to build a people-centered, environmentally sustainable, and just society that upholds and defends everyone's right to dignity, equality, social justice, and human rights.

FAQs about TISS Placement

Q1. How much money was made available during TISS Placements 2023's maximum salary?

During TISS Placements 2023, the highest salary of INR 49 LPA was presented.

Q2. What was the standard wage for the TISS Placements in 2023?

During TISS Placements 2023, an average compensation of INR 27.22 LPA was provided.

Q3. What percentage of recruiters took part in TISS Placements 2023?

42 companies, including 6 rookie recruiters, took part in TISS Placements 2023.

Q4. What types of compensation are on offer at TISS Placements in 2023?

The institute has already finished its hiring process for 2021–2023; the highest CTC was INR 49 LPA.

Q5. How many businesses took part in TISS's placement campaign in 2023?

42 companies took part in the 2023 placement campaign.

Q6. How many PPOs were available during the TISS placement drive in 2023?

41% of the class received pre-placement offers during the 2023 placement drive.

Q7. Which employers at TISS are the best at recruiting?

At the placement drive for 2023, some of the largest employers took part, including Accenture, Aditya Birla Group, Asian Paints, ITC, Flipkart, HUL, and Marico.

Q8. How much of a stipend was given for the TISS summer internship placements in 2024?

The highest stipend during TISS Summer Internship Placements 2024 was INR 4 Lakhs.

Q9. How much money was given away on average during the TISS summer internship placements in 2024?

During the TISS Summer Internship placement 2024, students got an average remuneration of INR 2.62 Lakhs.

 We hope🤞🤞 you are now able to understand Why TISS is the biggest opportunity for your career.

TISS Selection Workshop
TISS Selection Workshop
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TISS Prep E-Books/PDF

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